2019 Celebration

Since 2019 is coming to an end, we wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your support throughout the year and to celebrate the success of our blog platform.  We have listed all of our 2019 blog posts below !

1. Australian Manufacturer for Specialised Lifting

This blog looks at the benefits of having your lifting equipment customised to your service and situation. This includes; longer lasting, fit for purpose, reduces overall operation costs, decreases risk of incidents and enhances productivity. Click here to read more....

Examples of manufactured specialised lifting equipment

2. How was your Shutdown?

Within this blog we discussed what is involved in completing a successful shutdown that occur during the Christmas and New Years period. Click here to read more...

3. The benefits of forging

If you are interested in knowing why forging is stronger, more durable, safer and more cost effective, Click here to read more...

Forging benefits video

4. History of Reliance Hexham

This year marked 30years of Reliance Hexham business! Within this blog we explored interesting business history of Reliance Hexham and the site we are located on today.  Click here to read more...

5. Question and Answers Part 1

Our first Q&A segment launched in June this year! These questions surround our role as an Agent for Technogrid, the correct way to crack test fork attachments and our ability to fabricate a 1440mm rope sheave.  Click here to read more...

Q&A Segment 1 Video

6. Question and Answers Part 2

Our second Q&A segment followed a month later where we were talking all about the importance of Australian Standard AS 3637 "Winding Suspension Equipment" Click here to read more...

Q&A Segment 2 Video

7. Question and Answers Part 3

In our third Q&A segment we were again joined by Darren Grant to discuss the importance of Specialised Lifting and Reliance Hexham's role in this process.  Click here to read more...

Q&A Segment 3 Video

8. Standards - Ensuring compliance, quality and productivity

Standards play a vital role within our company at Reliance Hexham. Within this blog, we what are standards, the benefits, and our company's role with Standards. Click here to read more...

9. Franlane Success!

This year we achieved great success with our Reliance Hexham Test Track which is used to simulate a rope break in a drift in order to test our 'Reliance Franlane' braking system.  Click here to read more...

Reliance Franlane Success Video

10. Franlane Part 2

For our second Franlane blog we showcased our recent success when testing a 13 man belt drift dolly car. This involved changing the rail size on the test track as well as calculate other perimeters like the weight of the vehicle to achieve the predicted results and this was achieved.  Click here to read more...

Reliance Franlane Part II Video

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our team here at Reliance Hexham !!



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